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Are You Busy?

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 29 October 2009

This was the question asked of 3D-Outreach recently by some missionaries who were in desperate need of last minute help. The missionaries were driving down from Vilanculos, Mozambique to South Africa in order to pick up a short-term team of Americans from the airport when it seemed like the head gasket on one of their vehicles had blown. They were able to get the vehicle through to Phil’s Auto in Johannesburg where they dropped it off with one of the mechanics who has helped us out many times in the past, but the missionaries asked us if we could help them pick up the outreach team from the airport. The vehicle issue ended up being a bit more complicated than they had anticipated, and the mechanic advised that the missionaries NOT attempt to make the 17-hour drive back to Vilanculos without some more serious work – which would take several days.

Suddenly, the missionaries were facing a bigger dilemma than they had anticipated. They had an American team with an allotted 10 days for their short-term trip and a vehicle repair needed which promised to eat up several of those days if they waited around Johannesburg for it to be done. That was when the missionaries asked us if we were busy…for the next ten days or so. Despite having just moved our offices (which was highly convenient when we were asked to help with airport pick-ups!), we were able to shuffle schedules to make it possible to assist them in transporting their short-term team to Vilanculos, within the area during their time of mission work, and back down to South Africa.

The trip itself was a really enjoyable experience for 3D-Outreach. Our role consisted primarily of transporting the team, but we were blessed to be able to take part in the short-term experience as well. Part of the journey entailed transporting audio Bibles and solar panels across the border, and it was a blessing to see how God miraculously brought all the equipment through with no trouble. Once in the local communities in Vilanculos, those Bibles were then strategically distributed to allocated areas. Donations of children’s clothing were also handed out to children in the community who were in desperate need of clothes. Team members also had opportunity to do children’s ministry, sports ministry, and share in a local church in Word and testimony. Part of the trip also included linking up with a nurse from the UK who goes to visit villages by foot to minister to health needs as well as spiritual needs. The weather was even favorable enough for the team to have the opportunity to go across the bay by boat to share God’s love with isolated communities on a nearby island. It was a great blessing to see God at work in and through the team.

The biggest blessing for 3D-Outreach, however, was that this trip was yet another opportunity to be able to fulfill our mission to be a resource and support to long-term missionaries, and we praise God for it. He is constantly bringing new and unique opportunities across our path as we endeavor to follow in His footsteps. We marvel at the fact that every day looks different and the tasks to which God calls us are as varied as the needs of the missionaries with whom we are privileged to work.

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