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It’s what you bring to the table

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 10 February 2011

Over the last while, God has found a way for us to bless missions in various ways with various things. We acknowledge that we are not able to do this without the Body of Christ – YOU! You have blessed us with items that we have in turn been able to bless the mission field with. Here are a couple of those accounts, as we give God all the glory: –

A church plant was in need of a church building, especially after they had been meeting in a tent for a number of months, and the weather was beginning to be a problem. They made a request for metal roof sheeting, even if it was second hand. We managed to find a donation of about 65 roof sheets, that enabled them to complete their church. Only a couple of months later, the church has grown to such an extent, that it is already to capacity!

A Bible study group in Johannesburg pledged to donate 60 kg of mieliemeel a month for orphans. Each month we have been able to bless a different orphanage with a gift of a much needed meal.

One of our sponsors donated a boxes of children’s books and cds. We have been able to give these out, thus being a blessing through audio and written form.

A church group knitted and sewed clothes, and loads of others have given clothes to be given to those in need. We have been able to take these on many of our trips, so that there are people all over that now have new clothes, where in the past they had none.

A missionary made a request for old magazines for a community project. Piles and piles of magazines arrived, enabling them to make jewellery out of them and purchase Bibles with the proceeds.

Vertical Life were in need of jerry cans and other items for their expedition. They would have had to purchase these if we were not able to loan these to them.

A missionary wife was emergency airlifted to South Africa due to complications with her pregnancy. We were able to bless them with transport, accommodation, and other resources that otherwise would have left them totally isolated.

Although they are not physical items, we are also grateful for people’s skills. A number of times we have called on practically minded people to help with projects. We even thank the Lord for providing us with people to be able to find lost luggage at airports when needed.

These are some of the things that God has done … through YOU – Thank you!

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