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Can You Help? Yes!

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 9 May 2011

Dah! Of course you can help!

Here are just a couple options. These are not all of them, so if you are willing, get in touch with us to find out how God can use your gift, ability or skill!

-There is a mission organisation that is needing a group to help a rural church with building a church. So far, the land was been given to the church and they are presently using a tent to meet in. They are also in need of chairs and Zulu / Xhosa Bibles to complement solid theological training for pastors. There is huge potential for this church to reach out to its local community.

-Volunteers / staff for 3D – We are in need of people who are willing to help with the any of the following tasks: raising funds, building relationships with pastors / missionaries, and administration.

-Funds – Maybe you are not able to physically be involved in missions, but you are able to help others to get on the field or be involved in simple ways by means of your sponsorship. There is always need for extra finances! If you are looking at this list and say that there is no way you can get involved, but you have extra cash that you are wanting to sow into reaching the nations, then let us know and we will assist in getting this to the right place.

-A mission organisation is looking for a camp site manager in Natal , SA. This person will need to oversee the general running of the facility, and be hands on with the maintenance.

-There is a baby home in Zimbabwe that has recently received a baby that is lactose intolerant, and needs a special formula in order to stay alive. The tin lasts 3 days and costs about R170 ($25). Let us know if you have any means or access to the formula in order to keep the baby alive.

-A group of Zimbabwe missionaries are also in need of an agricultural specialist to help with better crop methods and farm management. The same group is needing a land surveyor in order to resolve areas in the Masvingo district.

-A new mission station is being developed in the Johannesburg region for the training, development and resourcing of missionaries. They are needing manpower to restore facilities on the acquired land, and erect new dwellings. Let us know if you are willing to physically help or sponsor part of the training ground, amounting to R500 000 ($75000).

The list goes on, but maybe these give you some idea of the diversity and need that exists. Be in touch!

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