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Trips on Two Wheels

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 15 September 2011

3D-Outreach was recently approached with a brilliant idea for ministry that involved combining the adventure of biking and the call to ministry.

The idea: to enlist biker enthusiasts to “double up” adventure and ministry and it will work like this:

Bikers love to go on out-rides, varying from morning “breakfast runs” to weekend adventures. Breakfast runs entail getting up early, riding off to somewhere interesting and having breakfast there, and riding back. Weekend adventures involve packing the essentials into back-packs or panniers, and riding off to beautiful, interesting and often remote places to experience the joy of riding through this beautiful land. Distances to destinations will vary, between 100km from home to 500km. Longer adventures could take us as far as the borders of the country, the common thread being out of the way places, generally away from freeways and along interesting roads to interesting places.

So… what does this have to do with ministry? We would like to use the trips to minister practically to missionaries in the remote places that we ride past; either by popping in for a cup of coffee and a chat, to encourage them and pray with them, or by joining a church service and bringing greetings and a blessing, maybe a word of encouragement, or even by joining an outreach for a day. Sometimes there may be a delivery that needs to be made, and could be undertaken by the bikers as part of an out-ride, we’d like to do that too.

Practically, it would require co-ordination between 3D-outreach and a network of ABM riders. If we’re planning a ride somewhere, we let 3D know and find out if there is someone to visit / something to take along? Conversely, if there’s a particular need for a small delivery or a visit, 3D lets us know and we send word out to the network. If someone was planning a ride in the vicinity they can choose their route for the next ride according to the location of the need.

Hopefully this will benefit the ministry by using what we love to do to meet needs along the way.

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