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Russia – The 2012 PIR Siberian Children’s Christmas Feasts

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 30 January 2013

Last year the PIR Siberian’s Children’s Outreach was a miraculous mission.  Seven South Africans and 2 Americans travelled to Irkutsk, Russia – the centre of Siberia, and worked with the local churches in the region to bless over 700 children with a Christmas filled with joy and hope.  The team spent 26 days in Russia and ran 12 children’s parties, including purchasing over 700 gifts, organising all the entertainment and reaching out into the local communities with the true message of Christmas.  3D Outreach has been a partner with PIR in this outreach and helped us with team training and prayer support for this mission.  The training centred the team on Christ and gave us skills and insight into the challenges of serving across cultures and in a foreign country.

And God truly did show His favour on the mission.  For the first time in the 5 years of this mission, we had open doors into the children’s homes.  The team was able to share testimonies and the gospel openly with the children, pray with some of them and even link up some of the homes with the local evangelical churches in their areas.  Helpers that we met along the way joined the team to wrap presents and prepare for the parties, and found out about God and the Gospel along the way.  Most amazingly is the fact that though we arrived in Russia with the resources to only bless 350 children, when we stepped out in faith and decided we could not neglect the needs of other children in the children’s homes, and included their homes in this year’s outreach, God showed himself to be a faithful God and by the end we had been able to bless over 700 children, and still had some resources over to help the local church put together an NGO to assist it in reaching the local communities.

God showed that He cared even for a small child in a little town at the end of the earth, how can we ever doubt His care for us all?

For more information on how you can participate in this wonderful outreach in the future or to receive our feedback newsletters, please contact Paul on either paulinrussia@gmail.com or +27723855290

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