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Mission to Matsanjeni – Swaziland

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 31 May 2013

One of the key aspects we as 3D-Outreach do is help church groups organise short term missions trips. If you or your church would like to do a short term trip, we will gladly assist you. We will help with the planning, provide training, connect you to a missionary, and even travel with you if need be. Recently we took a team from Richards Bay to Swaziland, with a view of more trips to come. Read about their journey and their amazing testimonies.


“In the beginning of May our church sent an eager team of 16 to visit a church in Matsanjeni, Swaziland with the objective of building a long-term missions partnership. It was a wonderful 5 days, and we saw God work in a special way in and through our team. The team ranged from ages 12 to 66, but despite our varied life stages, we were bound together in our desire to be used by God:


On Our Swaziland missions trip we had a varied team, which could have gone really well or badly, but I am glad to say it went really well. Besides the beauty of the country, the mission was really exciting. We got to see and do amazing things. The team was amazing and we left being closer than ever. We hope to come back with a new goal in mind, and it was a privilege to work with Rolf from 3D-Outreach.
Rowan Miller, age 19


We engaged in a variety of activities, including a bit of handy-man work, some children’s ministry, and hospital visitation. The part that most of the team were nervous and excited about was the door-to-door ministry, but that was where we saw the most fruit as we were invited to pray over several individuals, families and households who desired to experience God more fully!

IMG_7133 IMG_6959

My theme for the week in Swaziland revolved around Romans 12:2: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” On our 1st night I was petrified of the “door-to-door” ministry we were going to do the following day. I expressed my fears to members of my team. The next day we broke into our teams and sent on our “missionary way”. Pastor Canaan was truly amazing to watch in his community and I was honoured to be able to walk side by side as we started our door-to-door mission. Then God reminded me not to conform to our world and renew my mind to what’s my purpose on this mission. Pastor Canaan asked me to pray over a young lady who has discovered a lump in her breast. In my shaking “skirt” I stepped up to the challenge and “prayed in faith” as Pastor Canaan puts it. Now looking back I know this was God’s joy and my time that I met my Maker in His full Glory. Everything about this experience was new to me but was God’s will for me on this trip.

Carol-Anne, age 30


IMG_7110Ultimately, although our intention in all of this was to be a blessing to the people of Matsanjeni, we were the one’s most blessed by the experience:


From the moment I heard about the missions trip planned to Swaziland I knew in my heart that I should go, so I put my name down. But of course the devil didn’t like this idea so he put all sorts of obstacles in the way, including finances, and I thought I needed to pull out. But I put it to God that if I was meant to go, he would pave the way for me to afford it and He did and then some. Not only was I able to afford to pay my way, but I was also able to offer to take my vehicle and what an enjoyable ladies carload we had all the way up and back. It was great to get to know them better, two of them being relatively new to me.

The only thing I was a really a tad nervous about was the door to door ministry. I am a trainer by trade and an MC by choice, but I was sure I would not know the “right” words to use to pray or the “best” Bible verses to share. As much as we were asked to pick a verse to use, the one I came across was not even needed as our group were out and about and the words were just given to all of us to say, pray and share. We serve an awesome God. It was an amazing experience. I was particularly touched by one lady we met on a path. When asked if we could pray for anything particular, she said her marriage was in trouble; it broke my heart as it was so close to my experience. Whilst we prayed I felt a complete peace come over me and knew that the Lord was near.

I loved Swaziland, what a beautiful country! The people are so friendly and content, despite their circumstance. I was so humbled at what Pastor Canaan and his team are doing and continuing to do, despite their difficulties financially that it made me think that most of us at RBBC are just fat cats sitting waiting to be fed, instead of giving and witnessing as God wants us to.

I got back much more than I ever expected on the trip. The fellowship of the team that went will remain. God was so cool in his selection of people for this trip and the cross section of ages and interests made for a wonderful memory. I certainly had some changes in perception that I previously had of several of the people. All glory to God.

Carole, age 45


IMG_7127Our hope is that we will return very soon to Matsanjeni, and that our friendship with Pastor Canaan and his flock at Faith Eternal Ministries will grow from strength to strength and bear much fruit for the Kingdom! We are very grateful to 3D-Outreach for connecting our two congregations, for the invaluable training, and for Rolf’s leadership insight and hysterical laughter that accompanied our trip! May God receive all glory for what He has done!

Rev Duncan Muller, Associate Pastor, Richards Bay Baptist Church

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