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Outreach to Daveyton

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 3 October 2013


Not too long ago we visited the BNA East Rand fraternal, where the pastors asked us to help out with an outreach to Daveyton. We helped with planning, general logistics and even went on the day. It was a great opportunity to help these churches do a one day missions trip. It has been an honour to witness and experience churches holding hands and joining together with one common goal in reaching out to the nations. If this is something you and your church would like to do, contact us for assistance. Read what one of the pastors had to say about the day….

On Saturday the 14th of September Crystal Park Baptist Church along with 6 other churches from the Baptist Northern Association’s Eastrand Fraternal went on a one day mission trip to a local township called Daveyton. There we supported a small church plant called Grace Baptist Church. On the day we did a little missions training, engaged in door to door evangelism and helped with some practical needs.

This was a great opportunity for people to get cross culture exposure, real life evangelism opportunities and walk away with memories they could take back to their local churches.

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Many people came with hearts to serve, but most really weren’t sure exactly what they were getting themselves into. The door to door evangelism was one ministry that people were very nervous about, but it was also the one where the most amazing stories came from. It was so great to see people (who were practically strangers) get together in groups and go out to reach people with the Gospel. While we did debriefing, we listened to different experiences and how God open doors to share His love while other’s simply learned how to share the Gospel for the very first time. Even during the practical session people were willing to get dirty by picking up litter, dig a hole or build an outhouse. What a blessing this day was to all involved!

Part of the success lay in the planning. About two months before the outreach I contacted 3D-Outreach and asked them to assist me. We had a number of meetings where they assisted me to plan a programme for the day, advised how to market the outreach activity across the multiple churches involved and even gave me a bill of materials for the various practical projects we wanted to do. Beyond that they also pitched up on the day and assisted me to co-ordinated the event. What a blessing.

If this is something you and your church would like to do, contact 3D-Outreach for assistance, they were superb!

Mark Penrith


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