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Christmas miracles in Siberia.

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 24 January 2014

Big groupWe have had the privilege of training a team that goes to Siberia over December, to hand out Christmas presents to orphans. It has been an immense pleasure to be part of this team’s journey, and to hear about how God’s hand was in this trip before, during  and after. Here is the testimony from the team leader of their experiences.

“Our team had spent the best part of 6 months preparing for this year’s outreach to Siberia.  Rolf and Tarryn (from 3D-Outreach) had fed into our lives and once again 3D was pivotal to helping us understand what we were experiencing out on the field.  Things happen so fast on the field.  We arrived in a rather warm Irkutsk, Russia, with daytime temperatures around -10C, and after a single day of settling in, before we really had a chance to find our feet, we had made contact with the directors of 13 homes in and around Irkutsk, and had lists of over 800 orphan children in need of the Hope of Christ this Christmas.

presents!We shopped, wrapped, sorted and labelled over 800 presents before God threw in His curve-ball – there was another home in Cheremghovo (a village around 200km from Irkutsk), a correctional home for children, that needed someone to help them make this Christmas special.  But we had spent all the money we had raised already, and had no resources to be able to buy presents for the 130 children in this home.  We needed a miracle.  That night, a letter was sent to the churches of Irkutsk to see if they would help, and prayers were lifted up stating simply: “God if you want us to go to this home, make it possible.”

By the next evening we had funds for the additional 130 presents and were ready to go and buy them.  God made a miracle happen out of our lack.

After two and a half weeks of children’s parties, in children’s homes right across the province of Irkutsk, we reached the last home on our list.  We had received their Christmas wish list, and we had all the presents with us.  We arrived at their home on Friday afternoon, and handed out the presents one by one after a short presentation about the real meaning of Christmas.  All had gone well, all was done, God was good.  As we left the home, Masha, one of our Russian friends, received a phone call.  It seemed there had been a mix-up and across town in Angarsk a children’s home with 174 children were waiting for us to arrive.  We looked at each other trying to work out how this had happened… somehow lists and directors had been mixed up and we found ourselves in danger of disappointing 170+ children who had been waiting for us to arrive, to tell them of Christmas, to give them presents which told them of their worth in God’s eyes… but we had nothing left.  We had spent all our money, we had no reserve presents to give them, we had no more energy and, if we were honest, our faith had really reached its limit.  We crumbled for a moment.  I got angry with God, and then with people. Others on the team, turned away in pain, unable to take on the emotional burden of this situation, still others tried to clarify why this had happened and why it was impossible for us to do anything.aargh

And then we stopped and prayed.  A simple prayer again: “God, we are so broken.  We don’t know what to do.  We have travelled from across the world and so want these children to know they are loved – that YOU love them.  But we have nothing to give them, no money, no presents, and Lord, it seems we have no time to correct this situation, and, if we are honest, no energy to even believe or do what is necessary…  All we know is that you love these children and if you want us to go to them with a message of your love, you will make it possible.  We trust you and leave it in your hands. Amen.”

We drove the rest of the way back to Irkutsk in silence.  By the time we pulled up at the church we had miraculously received the first pledges of money for presents for these children.  Between 3pm and 12 midnight, in response to a few short Facebook messages, all the money we needed to be able to provide the 174 children of the additional home in Angarsk  with quality presents which showed them that they are truly precious to Jesus, was raised.  Nine hours… and by morning most of it was in our bank accounts.  Pastor Sergei, Masha, Sasha and myself spent the day buying 174 presents, and from around 5pm the church started arriving and all pitched in to wrap the presents. By 8.30 pm we all sat back and looked at the pile of presents, neatly wrapped, labelled and sorted, packed ready to go to the home the next day.  God wanted us to take His message to these children, and He had done it.  Even when we reached our end, He was just starting to draw on His immense resources.  What a faithful God we serve.

These were some of the visible miracles we experienced – reaching over 1000 children in total, in 15 Children’s Homes in Irkutsk Oblast with the message of Christmas.  But the real miracles lay in the way people, both the children and we, were touched by a shared glance of love, a smile, a moment of shared closeness, a hug, a hand on a shoulder, and an enthusiastic thank you for people across the world who prayed, gave and travelled to tell each child that God had not forgotten about them, and that they have HOPE in Jesus alone, whose birth we celebrate at Christmas time.Little boy

Most of all, the warmth and love of the Irkutsk Church and Christian community is to be mentioned.  Pastor Sergei, Masha, Sonya and so many others… we would have no ministry if it was not for these wonderful people’s sacrificial love for Christ.  We are but shadows as we travel in and out of the life of their Church, yet they make us feel so loved and accepted.  It is indeed a privilege to partner with them in this, Christ’s Mission to the abandoned children of Irkutsk Children’s Homes.

PIR is a yearly outreach to the orphan children of Siberia.  For more information please feel free to contact Paul Williams on 0723855290 or paulinrussia@gmail.com or visit our facebook page on www.facebook.com/PIRoutreach . “


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