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Errol in Secunda

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 29 October 2014

A while back we shared the testimony of Errol. Subsequently, we assisted him in going on a missions trip as part of his formal theology training. Here are some of his experiences…

IMG-20140603-WA000“I truly praise God for a really blessed, rich and humbling experience with my fellow African brothers and sisters in the Embalenhle Township in Secunda. It really fulfilled all my expectations that I had prior to my visit. I was received in a wonderfully warm way by the leadership, my host and the people of the church. They could not do enough for me.

I particularly enjoyed the interaction with my host and his wife. Dumisane (my host) helped me navigate my way around the ministry in the township. When they were preaching in Zulu he would come and sit next to me and give me a summarized interpreter version of the preaching. This really helped me to feel part of the service. From a cultural perspective I really enjoyed engaging Dumisane in learning about his heritage. The Zulu folk can trace their family tree back to a few centuries which I found phenomenal. Their praise poems were particularly interesting for me.

DSC_0013In retrospect I learnt so many valuable lessons. Firstly I had to be very flexible in terms of arrangements. Flexibility in terms of time was another learning curve for me. By nature I don’t like being late for any meeting and so it was an adjustment to just be chilled and go with the flow in terms of late starts to certain activities. Normally I like to be organized in my preparations so I would know ahead of time who to meet, what to do and when to do it.

One of my biggest blessings was the fact that the Gospel is the power of God unto Salvation. This revelation really helped me to put the language and cultural differences in perspective. Suddenly I realized I have to present the Gospel in the best manner I could and God would do the rest. All the differences did not matter at the end of the day. What mattered was that I needed to be culturally sensitive and preach the word in the power of the Spirit. It was a liberating experience for me as I understood that the context did not matter but the God of all contexts was present where ever I preached and I got much better at preaching through an interpreter as I started to master the art of using short simple phrases.

DSC_0016While I did spend most of the ministry time with pastor Masilela, I did not get a chance to interact with him often because he led a lot of the services. However I learnt from his love for the new converts and him making time to meet their needs. I will always have fond memories of my time spent in this wonderful Township.

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