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Boats beyond borders

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 4 December 2014

One of our well-loved missionaries, who ministers in Mozambique, phoned us a few months ago with a desperate plea for help. Part of his ministry has been using a local wooden boat to get  to a nearby island to spread the love of Christ to the people living there, many who have not heard the name Jesus Christ before. In recent years, he realised the need for a better boat and so he paid a man in SA to manufacture an inflatable boat and deliver it to him in Mozambique. When the expectant time came for the boat to arrive, it never did. He called, left messages, sent e-mails but with no response. The man who was meant to build this boat ran off with the money!

This is where the desperate phone call came in. Is there any way we can help? Do we know a lawyer that could assist in getting his boat back? With God’s providence we did know a lawyer and once we explained the situation, he was eager to help by going through all the correspondence and in the end sending a few official letters. After a few months of waiting, praying and many calls to the lawyer we got news that the money was paid back into the account.


Boat under construction




This in itself was a huge answer to prayer, but the missionary still had no boat to get to the island. We were then asked if we could further assist by finding out if anyone in Johannesburg could build a boat. After some research we found an amazing boat manufacturer not far from our office, who made a boat in a timely and expert fashion. We were pleased with the end result and the boat looked beautiful. It was such a privilege to be able to help our missionary out in this way. Yes it was a lot of admin, many hours on the phone, meetings with the new boat manufacturer, it wasn’t a glamorous job but we were able to assist a missionary and therefore allow him to continue the ministry he so keenly wanted to do. It was such a privilege to rejoice with him and his new boat! This is why 3D-Outreach exists; this is an amazing example of how we bridge the gap between a missionary and resources (a willing lawyer and a trustworthy boat manufacturer). What do you have in your hands to help?

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