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Posted by 3D-Outreach on 5 February 2015


It was awesome to see what God did in the lives our interns last year. Two in particular felt called to come back to do a second year with us at 3D-Outreach. We are excited to say that you will be reading a lot more about what God is doing in Menzi and Alec’s lives as they continue to service God on the missions field. Read about how God brought them to this place…

IMG_3520 - CopyMenzi Mohale:

Hey my name is Menzi and I spent 2014 with 3D-Outreach. I went to many different countries, where I got to share the gospel with all kinds of people and it was an amazing year! About half way through the year the staff invited me to join 3D-Outreach again in 2015, as a second year intern. In all truth I had to have a reason to come back. Honestly, I asked myself, why had God graciously chosen me to serve in missions at such a young age? I might never know but I did know one thing….

Christ died for our sins, He was buried and He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures: “and whosoever believes in Him will be saved” (John 3:16b). If this is the message that the apostle preached, if this is the message that Stephen died for and the message that Paul had traveled far distances to the Gentile to deliver, then surely this message: the Good News about Christ, must be sent to the unreached. And that for me was enough of a reason to come to second year. Although they don’t have much, when they have Christ they have Him who is all and in all. That for me is a reason I came back to 3D-Outreach.

IMG_3518Alec Pratt:

My name is Alec Pratt and I have been invited to be a second year at 3D-Outreach. I started my first year at 3D-Outreach as a quiet boy from Durban not knowing what real coffee tasted like and was so terrified of my staff members, not knowing what lay ahead. Leaving home to join 3D-Outreach and dedicating a year to missions was the biggest thing I had ever done. The more I got to know the staff members the more I realized they were as crazy as me and they were people I could look up to and also learn from. My team members were a mix of crazy people and the more I grew with them I started seeing them as my family (probably the weirdest family you have ever seen but we were one). My year was an amazing life changing year which consisted of fun, excitement, surprise, amazing memories, and stories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I really had no idea what was lying ahead for me and my team but at the end of it I can say without any doubt that I was a different man. When I got the invite to come back to 3D-Outreach, I prayed about it, thought about it and then I knew this was the most logical step for me, I knew that the Lord wanted me back at 3D-Outreach to do more for Him. I also knew that I wanted this and this was something I would regret if I didn’t take the opportunity, so I knew that my time here was not over. I was still doubtful before I accepted but when I accepted the doubt disappeared and I was left with excitement and now that I am back I know that this year is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to see how God is going to change my life and also see what lies ahead this year. I will miss my family and friends but at the same time I will focus on the future and take every step where God wants me to put it and do what God has planned for me.



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