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Campus Outreach reaches out to Mozambique

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 11 February 2015

Mozambique is one of the countries we at 3D-Outreach have really come to love. There are many missionaries working there and we have been able to support a few of them in various ways. A team from a Pretoria University wanted to go do a short term trip in Mozambique and they needed our help. We were able to do some training with them and helped them to prepare for this trip. In this way we were able to support another missionary family. This is what the leader of the team, Siyanda, had to say about their experiences…

Moz 1‘First I’d like to say thank you to God for his faithfulness during this trip. We as 8 students went to Mozambique for 2 weeks to visit a missionary couple who started and work at an organization called Passo e Passo. They have created a small community of believers in the area and it was great to see the way in which they relate to each other and encourage each other in the gospel. We already miss the great food and dinner parties that came out of this collaboration.

This trip was more than we ever expected. It was encouraging for me to know that God is alive and moving and continuously working and molding us to be who we are meant to be in Him. My one hope for the result of this trip was that we may be transformed from the inside out, that the way we live from this moment on may purely be for God and God alone. The hardship and struggles that we experienced, while preparing and travelling there was pure joy to me because it helped me to see God’s faithfulness.Moz 6

While we were there we met another missionary couple that we worked with there in Mozambique: Chad and Deira. Chad has a studio, where he makes audio Bible stories into small tape recorders and puts them into teddy bears to be given to children.

Deira will be starting an “after life” training programme. She and her assistant, Rebecca will be training families on how to look after family members who have terminal diseases. The girls went to visit one of Deira’s patients, an 8 year old boy staying with his grandmother, it was so sad seeing the little boy fighting to survive, butMoz 4 we believe God will be bring healing.

One of the my most awesome memories was the Sunday morning service we attended in Maforga. The members welcomed us with warm hearts and the service got me excited about seeing people from all nations confess Jesus as Lord in the future. We were given the opportunity to share and I got to preach from Philippians. It was a wonderful service!

We praise God for all those that came on this trip, here are some testimonies from a few of them…


“In one word, it was an experience! From reaching out to the locals to getting to know each other as a team. Our hosts allowed us to experience the day to day life of a missionary where we were able to meet people that they were reaching out to and thus allowing us to share. There is still such a need for the gospel, it was really encouraging.”


“Meeting the women in the local bible study was amazing. I was heavily encouraged by peoples’ commitment to prayer and hospitality. I hope to be as passionate about my calling as the local missionaries in the area are and hopefully there will come a time when the locals love the Lord as well.”



“Being with missionaries from America, Germany, England, Kenya, Britain and Ireland was a definite highlight for me. A great picture of all nations and tribes worshipping God in heaven one day (rev7:9-10). I appreciate God placing in my heart the desire for missions and having me be in Mozambique.”’

Moz 7


Moz 9

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