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Loving your missionary – 101

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 23 March 2015

greatcommissionHaving worked with and for missionaries for the last few years, I have learned some of the ins and outs of what makes a missionary. One of the greatest areas in the life of a missionary are their needs, of which I will cover 6 in this article.

In truth, a missionary is one of the bravest human beings on earth, joining Gods army with a blind faith and an oozing wisdom to fight a constant spiritual battle, and in some cases a physical one too. They can also be some of the quirkiest and most intriguing people you will ever meet. All this being said, they still have basic necessities in order to survive, that the rest of us seem to forget about from time to time…

Their needs in order of importance.

  1. Prayer: Probably one of the most important and inexpensive forms of support you could provide a missionary. Spiritual warfare is a huge part of a missionary’s life, which is why prayer is so important. It acts as their secret weapon. They know that in an instant a call can be made and there are supporters back home praying for them.
  2. Finances: This is currently the greatest need of missionaries world-wide. Most of them truly despise asking for money, and they always have to ask for money. There are just never enough funds to do all the good they want to do.
  3. Loneliness: It’s a sad reality that missionaries can quickly become forgotten objects in the church. I am constantly hearing stories about how they are promised love, care and support by friends and family before they leave for the field, and soon after arriving at their new home, they speak of how lonely they are.
  4. Coming “home”: Many don’t understand that a missionary has two homes and when they’re at one, they’re away from the other, and there is a lot of emotion involved in that. Returning to their home country is not a time of rest either – it is done to reconnect with sponsors, churches and relatives, not to mention the stress that comes with reverse culture shock.
  5. Rest/Holiday: Most missionaries would love a holiday but feel guilty about “pampering” themselves, instead, they often put all their time and resources into the ministry and the salvation of souls. On top of that, they know some people will judge them if their holiday is “too nice”. You’ll probably never even hear about it, because they can’t handle the comments like, “It must be so nice doing what you’re doing?”or “My sponsorship paid for your holiday!”
  6. Did I Mention Finances: Please know that a missionary only asks for finances, if they ask you, because they really are in need. Please also know that when a missionary asks you for money it is done with great fear and trembling.

传教士 (Chinese), kimisionari (Swahili), مبشر (Arabic), 宣教師 (Japanese),  ιεραπόστολος (Greek), 전도사 (Korean), Missionar (German), מיסיונר (Hebrew), missionary (English).

All the same word, very different connotations. In most of these countries a missionary would be publicly executed in front of their family, and in others they would be treated with the greatest honour and respect for this title. Either way, now you know some of what they need. We encourage you to go and be a blessing to them…

By: Nathan Reyneke

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