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Mozambique Outreach 2015

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 19 June 2015

The team have arrived back from the beautiful town of Vilanculos, Mozambique after having been there for 2 months. They’ve had the awesome responsibility of recording the bible into the local language called ‘Xitshwa’ (pronounced Shitswa), with the help of interpreters and readers. Here are the testimonies of their experiences…


IMG_4388As the ‘Technician’ responsible for pressing the record button I felt I could use this as an opportunity to read along in my own Bible. As the people read the Bible in Xitswa, I felt compelled to actually imagine that Jesus was in front of me speaking the words that are written in the Gospels. It hit me that I have never actually tried this before. The more I read the more I felt the words penetrate. It makes things more meaningful when I realised that the Lord had actually spoken these words and that one day I would read them and actually feel his emotions and his love. I then realised that the people who will hear the audio Bible are actually more blessed in a sense if you think about how they will actually hear it and take it in.

This outreach has been such a blessing as I have seen, heard and experienced things that have changed how I view the world around me. I realise that so many people will never experience the journey that the Lord has brought me on and I am so grateful. It makes me so excited for the future!



We came to Vilanculos with a goal in mind; our goal here by God’s mercy was to make an audio bible in the local Xitswa language, because most people here can’t read. This for me is a special outreach; I know from past experience how the word of God has impacted my life. This outreach is one of my favourites, but also one with a very great responsibility in it, remembering these two verses 18 and 19 of Revelation 22.

The sea here is amazingly beautiful; I have never seen a place as beautiful as this in my life! I have learned how to catch squid, descale fish and cook clams. And I also love eating crab, wow those ‘sea spiders’ are delicious! Although the beauty of this place is outstanding, the spiritual need here is very high. I am often challenged by the lost here, they remind me that life is not about accumulating wealth. When I look at some people here I can’t help but think; it could have been me, and God has blessed me not to serve myself but others.

I really enjoy being here, I only wish I could speak Portuguese, just to communicate more with the locals and tell them about Jesus. I thank God who has blessed us to be here, and to record this audio bible. What a blessing! What an experience! I pray that this project will impact people that they may hear, believe and rejoice in Christ.


This year has been such a blessing to me. It has had its challenges, I can’t deny that, but the only way I will grow is by being challenged. Recently God has been challenging me in the way I see Him. Do I see Him in a legalistic way or in a personal manner? I regret to say that it has been the former for far too long but God is changing the way I see Him into more of a personal manner. I have come to the conclusion the only way I can truly know Him deeply and passionately is by knowing Him personally, as my Friend, Teacher, Savior and Lord. It has been such a pleasure getting to know Him in this way more and more; there is such a desire in my heart for Him.

Recently, we had to renew our visas and on the way back we met a young man named Cremildo and we had a wonderful conversation with him. He was challenged on the lifestyles that we lead: giving it all up for God to serve Him and His people. He had so many questions and I truly hope and pray that the answers we gave him made him think about many more things and that he would look to Jesus for the answers. I believe God sent him to cross paths with us for a reason, I really pray that God will work in his life in wonderful ways.

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