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Lesotho Outreach 2015

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 28 August 2015

IMG_4702Menzi and Alec went to Lesotho to help a missionary couple whom we have visited many times in the past. In fact it was the second time that they have been to this particular missions station, although it was very different to the last time that they were there. This time their team was much smaller, and they had the opportunity to reach out to a new village as well as be involved in various other practical activities. Read their testimonies to find out more about how God has been using them in mighty ways…


Our time in Lesotho was completely different to what we did here last year. We were asked to help out with altering a room for the clinic that they have at the missions station. We learnt a lot about building skills. I was both excited and a bit scared, because if I messed up it would set them behind a bit. But it all worked out well, and a lot better than what I thought it would. We also managed to break down a wall and place a door frame in the clinic. We were shocked at how the entire room was not actually square as it was supposed to be, and so we had to work around that. It was truly an encouragement to be a part of doing this work, knowing that the room and the clinic will be used to help a lot of people in the area.

We also helped out with harvesting and taking corn off the cobs. I am now really good at this, as the locals were very helpful in teaching us.  We were also able to do some door-to-door visitations, and we were surprised by how much greater the local peoples’ hunger for God was, compared to those in the western world. It has challenged me a lot to thirst for Jesus like Paul says in 1 Corinthians 2:2 – For while I was with you I resolved to know nothing except Jesus the Messiah, and him crucified (ISV). God challenged me in this, that He is the centre of our faith and that we should thirst for him more than anything else in this world. He should be our world and nothing else should be.


During the past two months I have been in Lesotho and serving as a resource and support to a missionary couple in Moteng. My time there has been amazing and I thank God for putting me here. I have had a lot of life changing experiences. While serving here we had the chance to do door to door visitations; help with the harvest; and work on the local clinic building, which needed some alterations in order to keep it running. We also had a wonderful chance to share in the local church, and distribute bibles to some of the local people in the village who didn’t have any. What a blessing it was to see these people rejoicing when they received their very own Bible.

After spending over a month in Moteng, a village setting, I moved to Leribe (which is more of an urban setting, but still in Lesotho) to work with the youth. My time in Leribe has also been amazing, and I have enjoyed working with the young people. I was able to share the word with them and it was such a joy to see their passion for Jesus and hunger for the word of God. They also taught me to play the bass guitar and keyboard which was an experience all on its own. We talked about and discussed a lot of things, and our worship sessions were fantastic.IMG_1825

It has been an amazing experience and I thank God for bringing me here. Seeing God at work reminded me of a verse in Isaiah 45:22 “Turn to me and be saved all the ends of the earth”. It has been a joy to see how God has made salvation available to us and what a privilege it is to be part of His ministry.


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