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The last of Jump Team 2016

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 13 January 2017

From the dusty streets of Palm Ridge to the awe inspiring mountains of Lesotho, our Jump Team member has been busy over the year, sharing and encouraging others with the love of God. Tisetso spent some time in Palm Ridge working with a local Pastor and his church. She gave of herself to help out at the creche and she had several different opportunities to address people in the community with the word of God. She also participated in door to door visitations and had the following experience on one of her visits :

IMG_1220 “During my outreach in Palm Ridge, God used me whilst on a door to door visitation to bring hope to one lady who stayed in a very small shack. I shared some scripture with her and prayed for her. She was so thankful that we had just taken the time to come and see her. It is amazing how God uses us, even if we are unworthy, to bring a smile, some hope, and His light to others”

Every day we pass by so many people who may be desperate for some encouragement, some sign of hope. May God open our eyes to see such opportunities where we can be the fragrance of Christ in this world.

IMG_1559Tisetso also spent some time in Leribe, Lesotho where she ministered each day to the hostel girls at Joy to the world, the local school, hospital and surrounding community. This was one of her experiences that she had:

“There are many Godly encounters that I had in Lesotho, but the one which stands out the most is when I learnt about the power of prayer. Lesotho has a major water crisis, despite their rivers and dams. The waster situation is so bad that they often go a month or more without water, something we often take for granted. While I was there we had 2-3 days where we had no water. Through faithful, heartfelt prayers 3 days later God responded to our pleas with heavy rains for 3 consecutive days.”


What places surround you where you could be involved in bringing God’s love? May our eyes, ears and hearts always be open to God’s promptings, for there is more to life than just living day to day.


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