About 3D-Outreach
3D-Outreach is a non-profit organization seeking to reach out, across borders, to the needs of the whole person through being a resource and support to existing long term outreach.


Latest news and updates

This page will fill you in on the latest news from 3D-Outreach as well as keep you up to date of what our team have been up to recently. If you make use of a rss reader then feel free to add our feed on 3d-outreach/feed/rss/

God’s plan in Swaziland

‘Our main aim for this trip to Swaziland was to find out what various missionaries are doing in Swaziland, how they are doing it and how 3D-Outreach can be coming alongside them and be a support and resource to them. This was OUR plan. But as we often find out, God ... read more

Loving your missionary – 101

Having worked with and for missionaries for the last few years, I have learned some of the ins and outs of what makes a missionary. One of the greatest areas in the life of a missionary are their needs, of which I will cover 6 in this article. In truth, a ... read more

Boats beyond borders

One of our well-loved missionaries, who ministers in Mozambique, phoned us a few months ago with a desperate plea for help. Part of his ministry has been using a local wooden boat to get  to a nearby island to spread the love of Christ to the people living there, many ... read more

Testimony of a village girl

In our ministry we often come across people who have amazing stories of how they came to know the Lord because of a missionary who came to their village to tell people about Jesus. This is a testimony of one of those people, it serves as a reminder to keep ... read more

Exploring Northern Mozambique

We have reported about Luke a number of times in the past – he is a missionary working in Mozambique that we have come to love and respect. Primarily, his ministry involves the recording of the audio Bible in local languages so that illiterate people are able to hear the ... read more

A Kenyan Miracle

3D-Outreach received a call from a radio station in Kenya who ministries to five of its neighbouring countries. The radio station was in need of an electrician who could assist in sorting out the electricals in the building. They were literally extinguishing little fires caused by faulty electricals. This one ... read more

Are You Busy?

This was the question asked of 3D-Outreach recently by some missionaries who were in desperate need of last minute help. The missionaries were driving down from Vilanculos, Mozambique to South Africa in order to pick up a short-term team of Americans from the airport when it seemed like the ... read more

Sometimes, It’s The Simple Things

What must it be like to want to study the Word of God but be unable to because you cannot read? In a place like Swaziland, with a high illiteracy rate, this is the norm. But Luke is on a mission to change that for the Swazi people ... read more

Four to Six Weeks

Who would have thought that finding a replacement alternator for a Toyota Land Cruiser could be such a challenge? When we were contacted by a missionary in Mozambique urgently needing a replacement part for his vehicle, it seemed like a straightforward request. He had more details than we ... read more

The Golden Hour

3:42am. A rooster crows. A dog barks in the distance. But the soothing sounds of the waves on the shores of Lake Tanganyika quickly bring thoughts of returning to sleep. Many of the men of the village have long ago headed out on the lake in ... read more