About 3D-Outreach
3D-Outreach is a non-profit organization seeking to reach out, across borders, to the needs of the whole person through being a resource and support to existing long term outreach.


Latest news and updates

This page will fill you in on the latest news from 3D-Outreach as well as keep you up to date of what our team have been up to recently. If you make use of a rss reader then feel free to add our feed on 3d-outreach/feed/rss/

The Golden Hour

3:42am. A rooster crows. A dog barks in the distance. But the soothing sounds of the waves on the shores of Lake Tanganyika quickly bring thoughts of returning to sleep. Many of the men of the village have long ago headed out on the lake in ... read more

August Intern Team Update

The Intern Team left Mpulungu, Zambia on 29 August 2008 after 2 ½ months of ministry. They were sad to say goodbye to the people whom they have grown to love so dearly. The Zambian people and the missionaries working there have made a lasting impact on each team ... read more

Zambia Intern Testimonies

We asked each of the team members to share about their outreach in Zambia. It's wonderful to have the chance to hear from them about their experience of the culture, ministry and challenges. Each team member has grown spiritually and emotionally in incredible ways. Suzette Haupt: The Zambia trip was the most ... read more

Intern Team July Update

Area of Mininstry: Mpulungu, Zambia Local Missionaries: Div & Eleanor Du Plessis (www.ltprayer.org) (www.prochristo.org.za) Time period: 10 weeks (14 June-31 August) An unbelievable month has passed already since the team arrived in Zambia. They have been extremely busy with various ministries ranging from children's work to practical building and painting. The team's basic week ... read more

Zambia Computer Troubles

In June our Intern Team was scheduled to travel to Zambia to join a missionary couple on the shores of lake Tanganyika. The logistics of the trip meant that 2 vehicles would be travelling to Zambia. We determined that here was a unique opportunity to combine different aspects of 3D-Outreach ... read more

Intern Team June Update

Area of Ministry: Mpulungu, Zambia Local Missionaries: Div & Eleanor du Plessis (www.ltprayer.org) with ProChristo Global Mission Time Period: 10 weeks (14 June-31 August) The Intern Team had a fantastic week of rest and catching up with their family and friends upon their return from the Transkei on 31 May. It was ... read more

9 Day Southern Africa Trip

A very important part of 3D-Outreach is the building and maintaining of relationships with both churches and missionaries. Without these vital relationships, it would be very difficult or near impossible to perform certain of our functions as an organisation. It does not matter how many phone calls are made or emails ... read more