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What we do

• We aim at the upliftment of impoverished communities, seeking to bring communities to wholeness by identifying and restoring people and communities (Matthew 25:45).

• This is achieved by implementing a strategy that offers a variety of tangible methods, whereby everyday people in South Africa and abroad have the opportunity to get involved in touching people’s lives in meaningful ways.

• 3D-Outreach has a vision to be a key player in meeting local needs, supporting workers and giving opportunities.

• Therefore, 3D-Outreach is the people-specialist – finding answers through people.

• We function according to the expressed needs of the community, empowering the community itself so that it becomes the specialist in identifying and communicating these needs. In this way, time, money and effort are spent on real issues and not projected needs.

• We focus on reaching out to the whole person – physically, mentally and spiritually.